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BMGI India

Training Centre/Campus: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone No.: +91 22 4002 0045

Doing More with Less in Healthcare Workshop

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This one-day session will expose the irony that healthcare providers inherently possess strong clinical problem solving skills that can be applied to streamline emergency room processes, reduce risk, increase safety, organize workflows and otherwise improve performance.

In general, the clinical problem solving model can be applied across the full spectrum of a healthcare organization, not just to the job of diagnosing and treating patients. Thus, the model becomes a source of stability, enabling doctors, nurses and support staff to converge on one effective model.

This session is led by physician and healthcare consultant who will passionately share his unique perspective about how you can leverage clinical problem solving to improve performance with little disruption, few resources and impressive results.

Ask your doctors, nurses and staff : &,quot,Which problem-solving model and method do we use in this organization&,quot,? If you don&... [Read More]

VIVO Healthcare

Training Centre/Campus: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Phone No.: 88600046891

VIVO Healthcare: First Aid & Life Support, Paramedical Institute, Emergency Medical Equipment and Ambulance Services (Certificate)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

As a leading healthcare training and education company, we offer best in class job-oriented programs to help launch your career. Our programs are accredited by the most respected organizations in the field of healthcare and are recognized by leading employers in the industry.
We also offer health, safety and life support programs for corporate, schools and healthcare providers. Each of our programs is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of our participants and are meant to give you the practical and theoretical skills required to save someone’s life!


Training Centre/Campus: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Phone No.: 0091 9791561043

NUCO Healthcare Certification

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment

Patients safety
emergency response
First Aid at Work
Nursing Supervisory Skills
Nursing Management

Global Institute of Health Science India

Training Centre/Campus: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Phone No.: 09033768588

Post Graduate diploma in Healthcare Management (Certificate)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar  V

The objective of this program is to expose students to modern healthcare management techniques, including quality, application, and implementation. This program primarily focuses on healthcare industry and its various departments in health care and public health organizations. Individuals who complete the Healthcare management certificate program will have a solid knowledge of healthcare management and a solid exposure to the latest healthcare technologies.

Tamil Nadu Open University

Training Centre/Campus: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone No.: 044 24306600/11

MBA Hospital Administration (Master Degree)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This Programme is aimed at preparing professionals to meet the challenges of the changing Healthcare
services industry in India. The Programme is designed to provide a unique, market relevant combination
of strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills in the healthcare
sector. The main focus of this Programme is to promote professional management practices that are
essential for effective and sustainable healthcare administration that would guarantee financial
sustainability, optimum utilization of limited resources, conducive employee relations, rapid
advancement in medical technology, elimination of unhealthy competition, awareness creation and a
strategic approach towards healthcare services industry. Students would develop knowledge in areas
such as organizational strategy and change, process improvement, inter-disciplinary team
management, integrated hospital information systems and health insurance.
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NIIT Imperia

Training Centres/Campuses: New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune, , India
Phone No.: 079-40023637/38

Healthcare Operations Management (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This program focuses on providing
�Strong conceptual and technical knowledge in management to medical and non medical professionals
�Cutting-edge inputs in the area of hospital operations, using latest pedagogy, to refine and sharpen skills
�Prepare qualified and efficient administrators to manage hospitals


�Professionals seeking careers in Healthcare Management
�Executives in Hospitals Management and Healthcare services sector (or)
�Professionals who have completed their education in Medicine, Pharma or Allied sciences, seeking to add management concepts to their knowledge base

Invertis University

Training Centre/Campus: Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone No.: 0581 - 2460442, 2460443, 3004100

MBA in Healthcare Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

MBA in Health Care Management will meet the urgent and long term requirements of hospital administrators, hospital services operations managers, chief executive officer of health care organizations, health executives, hospital accreditation experts & consultants, hospital legal system advisors, hospital architecture planning and designing consultants, hospital project consultants, medical tourism executives.

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Training Centres/Campuses: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mohali, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, , India
Phone No.: +91-20-2570-4100

PG Diploma in Healthcare Informatics

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

The Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Informatics (PGDHI) is a 24 weeks full time programme targeted towards grooming students in the area of Healthcare Informatics. The objective of this course is to enable the student to understand the art and applicable science of introducing, managing, and organizing information and technologies related to human healthcare, and making it useful for problem solving using latest state-of-art technologies. At the end of the course the student will be able to understand the concepts in Healthcare informatics, learn the technologies and skills required for and issues involved in aggregation and analysis of information regarding various factors interacting in healthcare. They will be able to apply appropriate techniques to solve problems in various application areas in healthcare informatics

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Training Centre/Campus: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone No.: 29571000

District Health Management (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

PGDDHM is a 32-credit Programme (24 credits for theory and 8 for theory work). The programme aims to support the public health practitioners working in districts in all aspects of Public Health Systems. The programme was launched in July 2009.

The broad objectives of the Programme are:

To acquire theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills to apply scientific approach to management of district health services;
To learn management techniques required for making District Health Plans;
To Plan in advance how to face the problems of Health Delivery Services; and
To Asses HR needs, develop understanding of the administrative and technical requirements of different personnel.

ITM Executive Education Centre

Training Centre/Campus: Mumbai, , India
Phone No.: 1800 209 9727

Marketing of Healthcare Services

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment

Want to learn Marketing of Healthcare Services? ITM Executive Education Centre has such training program available, or provided Marketing of Healthcare Services training courses in the past. It may also provide you a customized or flexible training solution according to your specific requirement. Please click on the training course title to find the contact information and discuss your study plan with ITM Executive Education Centre's representative directly.

Health Care Management (Master Degree)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

The Executive MBA in Health Care Management program has evolved through conscious efforts of executives with a specific aim of meeting the training needs of the fast growing Healthcare Industry and Healthcare organizations in India.

ITM now offers this course, recognizing the growth prospects of healthcare industry. The curriculum concentrates on general management, aimed specifically to corporate or entrepreneurial hospital management, with a strong practical and interdisciplinary focus.

The objectives of this program are -
1. To provide management education to the medical, Allied health and other personnel working in the field of health service industry.

2.To equip executives concerned with health administration to update their knowledge about management.

3.To develop relevant skills and attitudes in the day to day running of the hospital,

4.To prepare them to apply different modern management techniques in managing health care service... [Read More]

Indian School of Business

Training Centre/Campus: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone No.: +91 40 2300 7000

Healthcare Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

Description: As Indian economic growth gathers pace, two things have become clear. First, there is a need for delivering quality healthcare. Second, the inability of the public health system to address healthcare needs has, by default, created ample opportunity for the private sector. Thus, we fi nd that more and more physicians have taken to establishing healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, etc). At the same time, many of these physicians-turnedentrepreneurs need to think more in terms of business (strategic as well as operational) imperatives when it comes to running healthcare facilities and managing a growing enterprise.
Who should attend: Physicians-turned-entrepreneurs
Mid and senior professionals from the healthcare sector.
Faculty: Gerry George, Professor and Deputy Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dr Tim Heymann, Reader in Health Management with the Centre for Health Management

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management

Training Centre/Campus: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Phone No.: +91- 33 - 2241 3756 / 5792 / 8694/8695

Health Care & Hospital (Master Degree)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

With the advent of globalisation and entry of multinationals, business ethics have undergone drastic change in our country. The business community in India has today recognized the need to strengthen its operational base with systematic and efficient management practices. The need for professional management is being felt even in the non-commercial areas such as health, welfare, development and education. For aspirants in the employment market, this has opened limitless opportunity in diverse spheres with the promise of rewards in the form of good remuneration, status, and scope for professional and personal growth. The health of populations is a distinct key issue in public policy discourse in every mature society often determining the deployment of huge society. They include its cultural understanding of ill health and well-being, extent of socio-economic disparities, reach of health services and quality and costs of care and current bio-medical understanding about health a... [Read More]

IILM Institute for Higher Education

Training Centres/Campuses: New Delhi, Gurgaon, , India
Phone No.: 011-40934300

Hospital Administration (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

The program aims at:

•Enhancing student’s understanding of hospital and health care issues and administration.

•Providing insight into functioning of various departments in a health care organization and linking it to management concepts and principles.

•Developing skills and competencies for effectively managing a hospital.

•Enabling students to increase their knowledge base and expertise and apply them to their intended management roles.

•Fostering development of student’s own personality, confidence and abilities as a manager and a leader.

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