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Indira Gandhi National Open University

Training Centre/Campus: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone No.: 29571000

Energy Technology and Management (Certificate)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

CETM aims at equipping all its students about various energy resources, energy conversion processes, energy use, energy conservation, energy planning and management.


The broad objectives of the Programme are:

1) To give an over view of various energy resources, their avilability, energy and use pattern.

2) To give an exposure about environmental effects of energy use

3) To give an overview of renewable energy technologies

4) To conduct an energy audit and implement energy conservation measures.

5) To see the importance of Energy, Economy and Environment interaction.

6) To how to rectify renewable energy technologies

7) To know how to make energy plan

8) To know about energy efficient devices for energy conservation.

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management

Training Centre/Campus: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Phone No.: +91- 33 - 2241 3756 / 5792 / 8694/8695

Energy Management (Master Degree)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

Indian economy is growing fast. Its GDP is growing at the rate of 8.5% approximately. To sustain this growth the Power Industry should grow approximately at the rate of 10% considering the present shortage situation. It is estimated that India must add generating capacity at the rate of 10,000 MW per annum. It is well recognized that the quickest and the most cost-effective way of meeting the need of capacity addition is to improve efficiencies in production, transmission, distribution and utilization of energy. Yet the Energy Intensity in India is much above those in developed nations. So far the efforts in matters of capacity addition both in renewable and non-renewable sources and improvement of energy efficiency have been inadequate in both Govt. and Private Sectors. Hence, considerable opportunity exists for Private Entrepreneurs in these areas in India. Environmental issues and Carbon Trading has added a new dimension to the opportunities. The Government of India enacte... [Read More]

Maharashtra Institute Of Technology, Pune

Training Centre/Campus: PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA
Phone No.: 9810202332

Energy Management (Diploma)

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar  V

Energy Management

Energy Management is a field which we genarally ignore so government has taken many initiatiaves to promote these types of courses so that we can utilise and conserve the energy and to use that more efficiently.

There is one course related to this is PGD in Energy Management:

Semester 1
Sub CodeDetails401General Aspects of Energy Management and Energy Audit 402Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities 403Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities 404Energy Performance Assessment

Semester 2
Sub CodeDetails405Energy Audit & Management 406Renewable Sources of Energy 407Energy Audit Assignments and Report Presentation 408Energy Instrumentation and Information Analysis

For further details:
Contact: Delhi -9810202332
Pune - 09527632033

MIT School of Distance Education

Training Centre/Campus: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Phone No.: 02025718090

Energy Management

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar  V

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Energy Management (PGDEM)


Energy management is largely a science. Today’,s energy management challenges are much more dynamic than they were in the past. Corporates are facing acute energy crisis. On one hand, they are caught with scarcity of electricity supply and on the other, the ever increasing cost of energy. Various organisations with lead from Bureau of Energy Efficiency are looking for accredited energy managers and auditors to find solution to the creeping problems.

Energy management is an essential and unavoidable activity in most of the industrial sector. Energy management systems are applied in various forms and degrees of sophistication to all sectors of industry. It contains a large variety of measures e.g. recognising the importance of energy management, target setting, planning, monitoring, reporting and implementing optimal control strategies. Such planned strategies require a specialised s... [Read More]

Management Development Institute Gurgaon

Training Centre/Campus: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Phone No.: + 91 124 2349831-36, 4013050-59

Energy Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

After over a decade of sustained and intensive effort, the process of reforming the Energy and Power sector in the country has reached a crucial stage and experts are expecting acceleration in the process of reforming in the future. Most stakeholders are not only in agreement about the contours of change that the power and energy must undergo, but are also expecting an acceleration of the process. However, the success of this entire process will depend on our ability to build a cadre of young managers who can provide the necessary commitment and infuse energy into the distribution management system. We shall need substantial numbers of dedicated professionals who are driven by the need to set high performance standards; who have the ability to design, develop, and institute improved systems and processes; who bring to their work an understanding of markets and market mechanisms; who have the courage to take personal risks and lead change; and who have the capacity to not only... [Read More]

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